Z1 debut Hitch and ZZ-licht ranking Envy Me

This weekend I went on a competition with two horses.

The 6-year-old elite mare Hitch (Chagall D&R x Tuschinski) has developed well and she showed this during the Z1-debut at riding school Oostmoer in Stad aan het Haringvliet. With a second and third place and two victory points thickly satisfied.

Envy Me (Tango x Kennedy)

Nicol presented the 9-year-old mare Envy Me (Tango x Kennedy) in the ZZ-licht class. The challenge with Envy is to be able to ride a relaxing test. We know that the flying changes are not correct yet and therefore we mainly went on to gain experience and to learn how to cope with the tension. At Koningsdag, Envy was very excited during the beginning of the warming up, but this time the tension was quite quickly under control and flowing away. Also when exploring the competition arena she felt reasonably quick relaxed. During the walk and trot parts she showed very nice pieces with a lot of 7-ens. The goal of riding relaxed tests had been achieved, now we first need to work on the flying changes. We were satisfied about the results with two gain points and thus a ZZ-licht ranking for Envy Me.