Inuna and Hitch to Hippiade Ermelo

Last weekend, the 5-year old gelding Inuna (Apache x Gribaldi, co-owner L. Rijnbeek) and the 6-year-old elite mare Hitch (Chagall D&R x Tuschinski) were allowed to join the Regiokampioenschappen Zuid-Holland at the Develruiters in Heerjansdam.

Nicol and Inuna-April 2018-M1


On Friday was the first test for Inuna in the M1. Inuna has 3 very good basic paces and always does his best. The warming-up in Heerjansdam is right next to a train track, which he found exciting. He happily turned the tension into positive energy, improving his self-carriage. Nicol and Inuna rode a good test without major mistakes. The result was an unexpected first place with 66.0%! On to the final on Saturday.

On Saturday, Inuna also did a good job. During the test he was a bit more calm and easy than the day before and some parts could have a better attention to detail. But very satisfied with this 5 year old gelding. With this second test, they finished at the fifth place with 67.4%.

The final total on the two Tests was 66.75% and a third place!




Nicol and Hitch, April 2018, Z1On Saturday morning was the first test for Hitch in the Z1. Hitch has a powerful walk with a very good overtrack, a nice active trot and canter with enough jump. Hitch has made good progress over the past few weeks, the collection has been improved and in the simple changes she's stays better on the hind legs. During the first test, Nicol and Hitch had some very good parts but also made a few mistakes. They got a nice fourth place with 63.5%, so Hitch was also allowed to run the final.

During the finals, kür to music was in the adjacent arena. While exploring the arena, Hitch also liked the music, after a few jolly transitions trot-canter, she lost the excitement and rode a good test. Even in this second test, improvement is in the final details. The test was rewarded with 64.8% and a fourth place!

The final total of the two tests came to 64.15% and a fourth place!

With both horses on to the Hippiade in Ermelo on August 31 and September 1. A few more weeks to work on the details.