Training Young (dressage-) horses

Backing and riding for the first time, IBOP test, participation in young horse competitions such as PAVO or Subli, participation in the regular dressage sport or training for selling horses. We appreciate to discuss your wishes.

The training starts with the backing and riding for the first time based on confidence, calmness and relaxation. To the lunge the horse is first obeyed to the voice aids. After acceptance of bit and girth, we train the horse to move on his own legs. In combination with the voice aid, this is the time to carefully get the first experiences under the saddle. All this is done in the covered, lunge arena, so that stress and risk of hazardous situations are reduced. If the rider can ride in the lunge arena without problems in walk, trot and canter they go to the outside arena to train the horse there.

After the first experiences under the saddle we can train your horse further so that the aids of the rider are better confirmed. Preparing for an IBOP test to obtain the Keur or Elite predicate and/or further training and riding young horse competitions like PAVO of Subli belongs to the possibilities.