Prepare for mare and stallion inspections

Optimal preparation is important to present your horse well during the mare or stallion inspection.

We are happy to prepare your mare or stallion for the inspection. We will first assess your horse together with you. Based on a realistic expectation, the correct route towards the inspection is determined.

The overall condition of the horse gets a lot of attention. Nutrition plays an important role in this. In consultation with a nutrition specialist, the ration is adjusted to the condition and amount of work.

In time, a skilled blacksmith looks at the position of the feet so that possible correction can be done by means of horseshoes.

The preparation of the training starts with hand-making your horse such as walking along on a rope, getting used to the horse walker, securing it at the grooming area.

Then the training starts with lunging. First on the halter and soon afterwards the horse learns to know the bridle and a bit. Obeying vocal aids and getting used to pressure on the bit is also immediately a good preparation for backing. Depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the horse, the training on the lunge is further built up with many tempo changes, moving on their own legs using the whole body.

In preparation for the inspection also training on the hand and the free movement is practiced.

During the training towards the inspection, we think it is important that you regularly watch so that we can discuss the progress and present your horse optimally during the inspection.