From rearing to training sport horses

We started AniCare horse rearing in 2005. In the first 10 years we have seen many young horses come and go. The process from foal to a healthy three-year-old horse is a very important link to a good future as a sport horse.

As true lovers of horse and sport, we missed the bit of training and sport in just the rearing. We therefore decided in 2015 to gradually reduce the rearing from 175 to a maximum of 50 horses and took on the challenge of training the young horses after the rearing period for mare/stallion inspections and/or for a career under saddle.

In 2018, we then converted the large rearing stable into an indoor riding hall to continue training throughout the year. Meanwhile, we have presented many horses at the inspections, saddled them and trained them for the dressage sport. Training young horses still leaves us wanting more.

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